Group Volunteers

Whether this is your first group volunteer event or you're seasoned pros, ACH Child and Family Services offer a fun, easy, and engaging experience for group-based volunteers throughout the year. A group typically consists of two to ten people from a family, church, civic, corporate, or social organization within the community that is seeking to support our mission.

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Garden Growers Club: Calling all green thumbs! We need volunteer gardeners to care for our organically-grown vegetables and plants. Limited tools are provided. We welcome experts of all ages to help keep our garden thriving, year-round! Flexible times and schedules available.

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Safe Place Site Reviews: Our community needs help keeping our kids safe from violence and abuse. Help us perform site checks throughout Tarrant County. We provide the questions. You provide the car! Flexible times and schedules available.

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Group Service Projects: Interested in a service project with ACH? We have various opportunities and tasks for groups throughout the year.

Campus Cleanups: We need volunteers, between 30-60 people, to come out and help renew both of our campus locations for fall. Clean outside, inside, light maintenance, and more.


Groups should contact Volunteer Services to schedule an activity or event before arriving to campus. If inquiring about an activity or event that is not scheduled, scheduling for groups will be based on current agency needs and should be done at least two weeks in advance. Group volunteers planning to participate should complete the necessary volunteer forms after an event has been scheduled and prior to service. 

At least two weeks' notice is needed to plan a volunteer activity or event with ACH.
While our agency thrives from the efforts of volunteer groups, placements are based on current needs and are not guaranteed at any time.


For more information, contact Volunteer Services via email or at 682.432.1131