Real Help for Real Life

Real Help for Real Life

Real Help for Real Life provides help and support for youth and their families through our Youth and Family Counseling and Skill-Building Classes. These services are provided at convenient locations in the following counties: Tarrant, Johnson, Parker, Hill, and Palo Pinto.

Whether it’s anxiety, depression, conflict at home, bullying, anger issues, behavior problems, school attendance, or thoughts of running away—we are here and ready to help youth, ages 6 to 17, and their families by providing youth and family counseling and skill-building classes.

We’re here to help with kids and teens experiencing:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Conflict at home
  • Bullying
  • Anger issues
  • Behavior problems
  • School attendance challenges

Our Resource Connection Services support our active clients in Tarrant County with basic needs such as food, clothing, and housing, as well as referrals for medical care, legal services, long-term counseling, and counseling for adult family members.

Real Help For Real Life will soon be providing special support services to kinship guardians who are raising grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or other underage family members through our Kinship Navigator Program.

Real Benefits
  • FREE to youth and families
  • Virtual or in-person sessions
  • Bilingual services available
  • Evening and Saturday appointments available
  • Strengths-based and family-oriented solutions
  • Experienced family support specialists and licensed counselors
  • Immediate assistance and crisis stabilization with the first phone call

Eli was having trouble at school finding ways to release his anger. His mom was receiving phone calls from the school every day about her son’s behavior issues. Desperate to find help, she discovered Real Help for Real Life.

Through this free program, Eli and his mom worked with a counselor to realize that Eli didn’t have enough structure in his daily life. So, Eli and his mom started reinforcing the need for a consistent bedtime and following through with promises. The counselor taught Eli special techniques so he could better sense and judge his body movements and actions. He told Eli to pick his favorite technique to use in school so that he could release his anger without getting into trouble.

By the end of counseling, Eli was named to the A/B honor roll. His teachers reported that he was doing great in class, and when he was redirected, Eli was able to correct his behavior almost instantly.

Eli's Story

If you need real help, call us at 817.335.4673