Community-Based Care

Through Our Community, Our Kids, ACH is leading the way in improving foster care in Texas.

Through Our Community Our Kids, ACH is leading the way in improving foster care in Texas

ACH introduced Community-Based Care in Texas in 2014 to shift the focus on foster care services from the state-level to the local level. This approach gives local communities the flexibility and authority to make significant improvements, most notably seeking to place children within 50 miles of their home community, increasing child safety and improving the number of families able to care for foster children.  

Based on years of positive outcomes delivered by Our Community Our Kids, a division of ACH, the State of Texas adopted the Community-Based Care model and is beginning to introduce it on a regional basis.

Continuing to Pioneer the Foster Care System in North Texas

Our Community Our Kids (OCOK) is pleased to announce that it’s taken the next step toward expanding Community-Based Care by executing a contract amendment to enter Stage II in Region 3b.  Region 3b includes Tarrant, Palo Pinto, Parker, Johnson, Hood, Somervell, and Erath counties.

In Stage II, OCOK will begin providing case management services. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) will spend the next few months working with OCOK as we conduct readiness activities for the transition. Based on OCOK and DFPS readiness, OCOK will assume responsibility for Stage II services in March 2020.

For more information, visit the Our Community Our Kids website.


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